The Day I Found Out I Had Diabetes


Of course, she’s quite lovely and that’s what captured my attention at first. There was one other thing that made me do a double-take and that was the information under her name, which said she is a healthy food cook. Thankfully, her name was on the screen and I tracked her down. (Please don’t judge me. Retirement leaves me with entirely too much time on my hands.)

At any rate, her name is Luscetta Plunkett and like me she has a blog: Fighting My Diabetes: Diabetes Attacked Me and I Chose to Fight Back. I saw that title and immediately loved her. Here’s a little about Luscetta. When you get a chance read her blog post, The Day I Was Told I Have Diabetes, to learn more about Luscetta.

Do you remember the day you were diagnosed? I most certainly do, because it was a life-altering event.

“Yes, I got to manage this sugar.” I said thinking about the day a year before when my worst fear came to light.  The day my doctor told me I had diabetes. Old folks liked to call it sugar. There was nothing sweet about the diagnosis. [You can read more here.]

Maybe the day you learned you had diabetes should be marked on a calendar and committed to memory. It’s as significant as a birthday and wedding anniversary. It’s also a great date to annually recommit to your health. I know I’m trying to stay committed to mine.

Be patient with me, because I’m going to find Ms. Luscetta and request an interview. I just love discovering other diabetics and especially those like Luscetta who have a will to live well.

Stay tuned.

Ms. Eugeena


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