Summer Challenges and the Diabetic Lifestyle

Goodness gracious, how did July come upon us so quickly? I’ve been so busy I nearly forgot about blogging. What have I been doing? Well, too much to write about in this short space, but trust that Tyora Moody will tell you my business in the near future. What I can tell you is that my commitment to managing my diabetes has been challenged in this warm weather.

It is family reunion, church picnic and festival time in my neck of the woods. I’ve been invited to more barbecues and cookouts than the law should allow. The temptation to eat and do things potentially harmful to my health has been greater. For example, those devilish twins you read about in Deep Fried Trouble baked the most delectable looking 7 Up cake for the church picnic that I had to sidestep to keep from eating. They thought they were slick cutting me a huge slice and waving it under my nose, but Amos and Cora cut them off at the pass. Well, they cut me off, but I digress. That was a challenge. Watching what and how I eat is the primary challenge.

Also, the hot summer heat makes me want to reach for almost anything but water. Lemonade and sweet tea (the culprit that helped contribute to my diabetes) can be death to me in their normal forms, and both can cause dehydration. Staying hydrated is an issue, so I have been making a concerted effort to keep it by my side and in my refrigerator. One way is that I’ve begun to infuse my water with frozen fruit like lemon and lime slices, cherries and grapes.

I let Cora talk me into going over to the college’s indoor track to walk and exercise in an air-conditioned building. Being a nurse, she knows I am prone to heatstroke and skin problems if I spend too much time outdoors.

The last challenge involves my feet. I make sure I keep them dry from sweat and I check for sores regularly. I miss wearing sandals all of the time, but I have found some of those espadrilles to keep my tootsies covered that are just as cute.

Loved ones, do not let the summer fool you into believing that you can slack off on your diabetes care. Be mindful to eat right, drink right and exercise.

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  1. I am definitely excited to hear your business Tyora will be sharing soon. Woo-hoo.
    I try to have my diabetic care in the forefront of my mind, but thanks for all the good info

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