Studying Patti Labelle to be a ‘Divabetic’

book3When you talk about love, you talk about Patti Labelle. I love Patti Labelle and she is one of the first celebrities I related to when I learned I had diabetes. Miss Labelle’s music and pizazz make me happy and I can honestly say, though I have to be careful unless those nosey, churchy twins hear me, I sang “New Attitude” as a special inspirational message to get me to change my thinking about living with this disease.

I was reading this article about Patti and saw the term “divabetic” and immediately became curious about it and what it meant. Guess I’m pretty decent at Google research, because I found this organization Divabetic: Wellness with Wow. There’s all kinds of information on the site, but I was glad to see that the founder counts Miss Patti as divabetic inspiration and indeed she is to me. (Look over the site to see what they offer and where.)

Now, I am not known for being much of a diva or being fancy, but one thing diabetes did for me was have me take a long hard look at myself. I’d become frumpier and maybe too casual in my appearance over the years. It made me sad to realize that maybe that I didn’t look my best for my husband and kids and especially for me. After I faced my reality, I decided that while I didn’t necessarily want to be as glamorous as Miss Patti, I certainly wanted to do better or as the organization teaches, put some wow in my wellness. So, I decided to study Miss Patti for some cues.

  • I began with my hair. Now Patti’s hair is in the capable hands of a stylist at her beck and call, I don’t have that luxury. So I went to Crown of Glory Hair Salon in Charlotte, NC and asked Candace, the owner, to make me over. I was tired of hair that looked old and dated, so Candace cut it off and into a style I could manage in my retirement. The benefit is that I look cuter and younger.
  • One of the next things I did was actually the easiest – for me – now for the lady helping me it was probably the hardest. I admit had a tough time letting go of that same drugstore lipstick I’d been wearing for a hundred years. Thanks to that poor woman’s patience and expertise I bought myself some ‘real’ cosmetics and some skincare products to brighten up this face. She gave me a new look though I gave her the blues with my fear of trying something new.
  •  Here was the hardest thing for me to do: Buy new clothing. I hate spending money and I hate trying on clothes in a department store, but Cora went with me and it made it less painful. Before we went, she made me feel better by helping me clear out my closet of clothing I couldn’t wear or wouldn’t wear. We took it to the Salvation Army. A personal shopper and Cora showed me ways to dress that were flattering and quite diva-like.

Of course, I’ve learned many things from Miss Patti’s divabetic example, but I realized that taking care of myself and improving my appearance was a great way to show a new attitude. I too am a divabetic.

Take care of yourself now.



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