Ms. Eugeena’s Guide to Breathing or Waiting to Exhale? Why?

Ms. Eugeena’s Guide to Breathing or Waiting to Exhale? Why?Goodness I’ve had a lot of stress to bear in the past few years: My child’s first child as a teenager, my husband’s illness and death, my child’s second child and of course, my health issues. Let’s not mention, the murder of my neighbor and Louise’s hospitalization.

I’ve had to learn the hard way to ward off stress. It’s one thing to deal with it, which means you have it. But it is another thing to avoid it. I say avoid it.

Here is my guide to breathing or warding off some of the stress we bring upon ourselves.

  1. Think before you jump into someone else’s mess. If being quiet and moseying off to mind your business will keep you peaceful, then be quiet and walk away. Not every battle is yours to fight.
  2. Steal away for time for you. You don’t have to announce it or tell the world, you just simply have to schedule in some “you” time and be mindful to keep that appointment to hear your own thoughts.
  3. In the middle of a storm or some chaos? Well, go to that special place in your thought life that enables you to remain calm and rational. Don’t get caught up in the drama.
  4. Keep yourself spiritually-centered by reading your Word, praying and meditating.
  5. Move your body and exercise.
  6. Stop pre-thinking potential problems. Those will ultimately turn into fears. It’s like pre-stressing your stress. Don’t do that.
  7. Find some enjoyment in life. Go to the movies or shopping. Eat lunch with friends and even travel if it means that you are focused on something useful.

Stress will occur and we are all promised our fair share of it, but warding it off and away from your spirit will make your health much better and your life sweeter.

Here are some devotionals that are good just for breathing.

Waiting to exhale? Why are you holding your breath? Breathe, ladies.

To learn more about my story, pick-up a copy of  Shattered Dreams and Deep Fried Trouble.

Take care of yourself,

Ms. Eugeena




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