In Search of That Perfect Red Dress for “Love” Month #GoRedChallenge

Go Red WomenI know before you say a word that you think I have romance and stars in my eyes, don’t you? You probably think my search for that perfect red dress is about lovey-dovey stuff. Well, think again.

February or “Love” month is the 10th anniversary of Go Red For Women, an initiative of the American Heart Association. Go Red educates and supports women on the issue of heart disease. Here are a few facts about Go Red from their website:

  • The AHA uses all revenues from local and National Go Red For Women activities to support awareness, research, education and community programs to benefit women.

  •  Go Red Heart CheckUp has engaged more than 2 million women to learn their risk of heart disease.

  • More than 900,000 women have joined the fight. Women who join Go Red For Women receive important information that allows them to take action to improve their health:

    • Women involved in Go Red For Women eat a healthy diet.

    • Go Red women are more likely to follow their doctors’ advice – from losing weight to taking medications.

    • 91 percent of women involved in Go Red For Women visited their doctor in the last 12 months (compared to 73 percent of all U.S. women).

    • 64 percent follow a regular exercise routine.

    • 84 percent have talked to friends about their heart health.

    • 90 percent have had their blood pressure checked in the last year.

    • 75 percent have had their cholesterol checked in the last year.

So that perfect red dress I’m searching for is my celebratory dress for Go Red and for women’s heart health. The lovey-dovey stuff is about love for our bodies and our lives. Now, if a certain someone (Amos) enjoys that dress too, then oh well.

Take care of yourself!

Ms. Eugeena

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