Diabetic Spa and Beauty Treatment Precautions

iStock_000005793892XSmallCora and occasionally Leesa, my daughter, and I like to indulge in a little girl time by having spa treatments. It’s funny that before diabetes, I’d only have a manicure and pedicure or another spa treatment when I was going somewhere special with Ralph, and sadly, that generally meant some hospital function of his. Now that I’m taking better care of myself, and of course, keeping company with Amos, I like doing something special for me.

Being a diabetic presents a few challenges on spa visits. There is the issue of ulcerations and lacerations on the feet and the soft areas of the fingers and hands. I have to be careful of anything that can cause an infection. Circulation is another concern. So, what I’ve done is come up with a list of precautions for you to consider.

  1. Before making an appointment for a spa treatment, call the spa or salon and ask them if they have technicians and special rules for people with diabetes. Make certain they can properly service you.
  2. Always identify yourself as diabetic before receiving a spa treatment. Let them know that there are health considerations you and they have to regard. If they look at you like you have two heads, leave. You need skilled and knowledgeable service.
  3. Ask your General Practitioner for an outline of the services you can and cannot receive. Also ask them for a letter or memo to present to your spa or salon should they require one before serving you.
  4. Do not give yourself a manicure or pedicure at home. It is too easy to hurt yourself when using clippers, emery boards and other tools.
  5. Keep a list of contacts for the sake of emergency with you at all times. Pull it out and tell your technician and salon to use that list should something go wrong.

Just read about waterless manicures and pedicures for diabetics here. Maybe I will see if they are here in my city.

Do you have your own precautions? If so, write them in the comment section or tweet them to me on Twitter where I am @MsEugeena.

Take care of yourself.


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