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Apple-App-StoreI’m still getting the hang of this iPhone and its capabilities. Maybe my fingertips are too pudgy but I find it irritating when I accidentally swipe or tap the wrong buttons. Do you have that problem too? Still, one of the things my next door neighbor, Amos, showed me is that if I went to the iTunes store I could find applications (apps) for my phone that could help me manage my diabetes. He also showed me some online social communities that allow you to meet other people with diabetes and to learn more ways to do better.

Here are a few I like from information I’ve gathered from sites like Mashable and Techcrunch:

Diabetic Connect is a social network connecting people with diabetes. You can meet patient advocates, educators and other people with diabetes. Select educational videos sourced from YouTube and available on the site discuss medication, diet and show personal stories. Diabetic Connect is operated by Alliance Health, a social media company that has a portfolio of 50 health-specific social networks that reach 1.5 million members.

Glucose Buddy is a free app from Azumio. You can manually enter your glucose numbers, carbohydrate consumption, insulin dosages and activities and monitor them throughout the day on the app or on your free account on Glucosebuddy.com. You can also view and print charts that show your glucose levels. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Glooko is an app to help you understand how diabetes uniquely affects you. Glooko’s set of tools helps you do so. With the Glooko system, you now have your diabetes data at your fingertips, on your iPhone and on a web dashboard.

My Diabetes Home is an online tool that gives you a dashboard and the tools to manage your diabetes if you’re not into these fancy phones. Signing up is free and it’s easy to use.

Sometime in the future I’m going to post some other gadgets and whatnots that help me in other ways, but here is one last app that you might like:

FitBit for Diabetes is an app and an online community for diabetics. I use this app to monitor my activity and as we know I keep active, especially now that me and Amos are keeping company. I not only want to look good but I want to feel good and that’s what exercise does for me.

Do you use apps and gadgets too? If so, let me know which ones you like in the comment section.

Take care of yourself now.



4 thoughts on “Diabetes Management Gadgets, Apps & Whatnots

  1. Thanks Ms. Eugeena. This is good info! Now I’m tech savvy….not once had I considered looking for an app to help manage my diabetes. I’m going to cheek these out.

    1. Kimyatta,

      Thank you for stopping by. I’m so glad I was able to help. I tickled pink because tech savvy I am not! I hope you enjoy the apps. Feel free to stop by and let me know how they work for you.

      Take Care Now!


  2. Are all of these apps for the iphone? I only found a couple of them in the App Store. Have you all tried Fooducate for Diabetes? I just got that one tonight.

    1. Hello Tracy,
      Yes, these apps are just for the iPhone. If you only knew how long it took my children to get to even try out this phone. Lawd have mercy! I will ask my oldest son to help me found some other types of apps in a future post.

      In the meantime, thank you so much for suggesting Fooducate for Diabetes to me. I’m certainly going to take a look this weekend.

      Take care now,


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