Dealing with a Diabetic: 5 Things Not to Say or Do

Dealing with a Diabetic: 5 Things Not to Say or Do

Now Cora knows I don’t mind her checking up on me every now and then. She’s a nurse, so I expect her to monitor me and this diabetes. Amos and my children can ask too, but there are just some things I cannot stand. Sometimes people in meaning well do and say some very wrong things. For example:

  1. Don’t offer unsolicited commentary on the way I eat or what I eat. Nine times out of ten it comes across as rude and critical. I need support.
  2. Don’t ask me to eat anything or do anything that disrupts my health management program. Please don’t offer me a slice or chunk of cake when I visit. And please do not expect me to give up my morning walk to join you at the mall.
  3. Don’t tell me all of the diabetes horror stories you know. I cannot combat this disease or manage it in fear. I know the worst possible consequences of diabetes. I just don’t need your reminders.
  4. Don’t minimize the health risks of my diabetes. Diabetes, if mismanaged or undiagnosed, can be as devastating as the worst cancer. It is a disease and with it comes great responsibility.
  5. Don’t minimize the hard work it takes to manage my diabetes. This is not just some lifestyle change, this is also a change in the way I think and believe. I have to think about it more than I want and I have to take great measures to insure my health.

A diabetic needs loving support. We need consideration as well. So whether it is me or someone else you know with diabetes, please try to be more thoughtful.

Take care of yourself!

Ms. Eugeena


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