Chef Harris’ Tricks and Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Diabetes

Chef_HarrisI find that with this diabetes I can be disciplined most of the time except during the holiday season. Who in their right mind is not tempted by the scent of gooey desserts and those traditional dishes like mac & cheese and cornbread dressing? Well, I am tempted but can’t afford to give in to it with this diabetes.

One of my new BFFs in my head is Chef Hardette Harris the culinary lifestyle expert I interviewed a while ago [@MsEugeena Interviews Chef Hardette Harris (@chefhdharris), owner of Private Chef Services].  Chef Harris kindly sent me some tips that I’m going to share with you and think you should share too. This is what she said:

  • Use sweetener in your coffee and tea. Keep a tiny amount of a natural sweetener like agave nectar or honey in your pocketbook at all times for when you’re away from home.
  • Don’t over indulge in starches. I know that’s easier said than done but take only a tablespoon of dressing, mac & cheese or mashed potatoes. Have a bit more of the green bean casserole instead or best of all, green beans without all of the extra stuff in the casserole.
  • Have someone else fix your plate. This always works better than you fixing it. Tell them to give you only a tiny bit of everything. If there’s something there you know you shouldn’t have, be brave and tell them to skip it and give you a little extra of something safe and healthy.
  • DON’T FIX A TO-GO PLATE! Just don’t do it!  However, if you must, just take home a bit of turkey or ham, and that’s all. Nope, not even dessert. It seems that when we warm our to-go plate, it’s usually at night. For some reason it tastes so much better at 9:47 PM.  That’s just not good for you.  If you only took home the meats, you could make a turkey or ham sandwich on whole wheat bread. Wow, that’s so much better than turkey AND dressing with a whole lot of gravy.
  • Start on the salad end of the food line. Make a salad plate first, sit down and eat it. On your second trip, you will be too full to load up on the starches and desserts.
  • Just because Aunt Emma makes 2 7-Up cakes, 1 Red Velvet, 3 potato pies and a giant German chocolate cake, doesn’t mean you have to have a piece of all of them.  If you must indulge have only one slice of potato pie or 1 slice of 7-up cake and none to go.
  • That dangerous reasoning of “I’ve been good all year and Dr. JoJo said my numbers are good” so I’m treating myself” isn’t very smart. The only treat you may get is a quick trip to the hospital.
  • Lastly, no to-go plate means no to-go plate for you. However, if it is a friend or neighbor that is counting on you to eat for the holidays, again ask someone else to prepare it and wrap it up for you.

We’ve got to stand together to win against this diabetes thing. Don’t you agree? What are some of your tricks to surviving the holidays with diabetes? What are you doing differently this holiday season? Please share in the comment section.

Take care of yourself!

Ms. Eugeena

11 thoughts on “Chef Harris’ Tricks and Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Diabetes

    1. You’re welcome, Linda! No, the holidays is NOT the time to get slack. There are too many temptations that could cause serious problems later. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and enjoy your Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

    1. LOL! That numbers thing can be tricky. We must stay on track all-the time. Thank you for stopping by Wanda, I appreciate the feedback. You have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

  1. What a wonderful page and very informational. Ms. Eugeena you know i just had my A1C and it was 6.3 and while I’m excited I’m going for 6.0 or lower in six months. LOL
    Carbs are tough for me because potato chips, rice and bread are my weakness until my ears start ringing..LOL then i know.

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